Make Sure Your Home Is Strong and Secure

Make Sure Your Home Is Strong and Secure

Schedule a pre-drywall inspection in Annapolis, MD

Brand-new homes aren't always built to perfection, so it's important to uncover potential issues before the walls cover the evidence. Before your house is completely built, you can count on Invision Home Inspections LLC to carry out a pre-drywall inspection to detect any issues.

This service is ideal during the homebuilding process before any drywall is installed. With a new home inspection in Annapolis, MD, we'll ensure that your home's structure is solid and ready for the next steps.

Talk to us now about a good time to set up an inspection.

Fix structural damage before you install drywall

When we perform pre-drywall inspections, we look at a few things in particular. Our crew will take a close look at your home's:

  • Framing: Ensure your home is built with a solid support structure.
  • HVAC: Make sure your air ducts are installed properly.
  • Plumbing: Check for early errors in your plumbing system.
  • Electrical: Find faulty wiring and unsafe outlets before your walls go up.

If we find any damage during a new home inspection, we'll alert you immediately. This allows you to contact the home builder and receive repairs ASAP. Trust us to look out for you. Call 443-714-6634 now to set up an appointment in Annapolis, MD.